How Does Hester Prynne Change Throughout The Scarlet Letter

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The novel, the Scarlet Letter, makes people hear and understand ideas about religion that you are not used to hear really often. This book also tells you a story of love between Hester Prynne and the minister Dimmesdale. While you are reading it, it becomes more attractive each time and each chapter gets more interesting and you start understanding the book much better and gradually liking it a lot more. This book tells you the story of a woman named Hester Prynne who has different ideas about religion and the government. The Government doesn’t agree with her and instead of killing her or punishing her, they made her go to prison and later made her wear the Scarlet Letter “A” because of the same ideas. This woman, Hester, had a little child called Pearl, when this little child was born, she was already wearing the Scarlet Letter and she wore it until Pearl was 7 years old. There is people that like the book and people that do not when they read the book and knowing that there are also differences of ideas because some people like the ideas that the book gives you and…show more content…
Another evidence is that she started being more responsible of her instead of being responsible for all the people around her. For example, when she decided to go to Europe with Pearl and Dimmesdale to live and she didn’t need anyone to advise her. This is an example of when Francisco Franco, the Dictator of Spain on the 20th century, decided what you had to do and if you didn’t, you went to prison and that was how things worked and you had to do it. In this case, Hester is doing what she wants no matter what the people will say. Concluding this paragraph you can tell that she learned how to be a different person and left the other side of her alone in the
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