Reflective Essay On Leadership

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Leader is a person who is able to unite people for achieving an aim, fruitful for all participants. A true leader knows how to define the advantages and disadvantages of an individual in his or her team, so that the skills of each member will be applied to the right task. A true leader would also help the people who follow him to manage with their vices and help to develop their faculties. Besides, a leader in my point of view is an active member of the group, who functions not as a separate guiding entity, but like a head in a human body, which controls other parts and organs, yet is an inseverable organ, without which a human body cannot function. Leadership is a valuable skill, the potential of which is hidden, in my belief, in every single person. In fact, the actions of a true leader will subsequently result in upbringing of new motivated and goal-oriented leaders. Leadership cannot be regarded…show more content…
I worked in a truly friendly and international group; we were all from different countries, Uzbekistan, China, Russia and Vietnam. I was honored and trusted to elected as a team-leader. The potential of all my team members were critically assessed by me, so that each researcher was provided with equal amount of work, which they could perform the best. In my opinion, this was my first act as a true leader, because at one point of work I had to convince a student to believe in herself. She was an exchange student from China and appeared to be the best welder in our team, but she was very shy. Nonetheless I succeeded in motivating her, with the help of other members of course, so she made very professional welding joints, which were then used in our studies. No wonder, that during the presentation of our results, our students and teachers enjoyed and admired our results and out team got the best mark for the research

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