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I. Influence of six thinking hat in logic thinking The priority value of using six thinking hats is that it allows us to have a clear idea of what role we are playing while solving problems. The obstacle we face while thinking is self- defense, it may lead to wrong decisions making because of thinking unclearly. Most of the practical errors we made are caused by the restriction of thinking. With those six hats, we can say and think things without considering risking the ego. We disguised any role to the best while we act like such. The second benefit is that it allows one to direct attention. To prevent people from thinking passively, we need to find a way to divert their attention efficiently from an aspect to another. With the help of the…show more content…
The six thinking hats symbolize changes and requests while facing different situations. For example, we can make people think negatively or prevent them from doing so. We can also lead them to think creatively and give a purely emotional answer. Fourthly, the value of using six thinking hats may possibly base in the great characteristics which people previously exposed to which effect the cerebral chemical. Due to the exigency of the theory, “organizing-system” is justified as maintaining arguments that go overweigh the present knowledge. Last but not least, the value of the occurring of this method is to create rules of the game. Humans are expert whenever it mentioned to learning the rules of the game they were playing. Therefore, children are good at using computer compared with adults. It is also the strongest learning pattern within children’s life. Six thinking hats establish certain rules for the “Game” to think. With all those positive values, the six thinking hats method provides as us opportunities to say things without risks and to have multiple perspectives while facing an issue. It not only function as a switching gear which is really convenient but also improves people’s ability in the area of communication and decision

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