Costs Of Wedding Essay: The Cost Of Marriage

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The Cost of Marriage Artaysha Hall Central High School Abstract This paper will be about the cost of getting married. It will tell how to have a beautiful wedding for little or nothing. It will tell how to save and budget your money when it comes to having a nice wedding from the ring to the decoration in the wedding. It will explain what alternative can be use too keep the price of a wedding down and affordable for people on a low budget. It will explain how to keep prices down on the place Costs of a Wedding: The Big C First come love then come marriage. Millions of people get engaged each year. Many times, the excitement of getting married and having a dream wedding clouds rational thinking. Most young girls dream and…show more content…
Decorations range from flowers to linens. In today’s need for an over the top wedding, some people are even going as far as including ceiling drapes and crystal centerpieces. In order to reduce the costs of wedding decorations, one should consider simple solutions as using flowers that are in season. Instead of using a florist to create expensive bouquets, consider the floral department in a local grocery store. Local grocers often carry an assortment of seasonal flowers that will provide the same feel but at a fraction of the cost. Most brides dream of a summer wedding. June, July and August are the most popular time of year to get married. Having your wedding outside the peak season can actually help in cutting the costs. “Weddings can be celebrated any time of the year, but if you set your big date in a less-popular month or during off-season, the savings can be significant. (Hunt) In addition to saving on venues and flowers, guest can also take advantage of off season prices on hotel rooms. So, when getting married every couple should take all of these things into consideration. Having a wedding can be beautiful and affordable at the same time if proper steps are

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