Raymond Carver Cathedral

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One thing that makes humans unique is our ability to communicate with each other and form thriving communities. The reason for this is because through communities humans have shown that they can sometimes accomplish harder or impossible thing that they couldn’t do on their own. The meaning of a community in this case is a group of two or more people who come together with a common attitude, goal, or interests. There are two great stories that give emphasize the importance of a community. One would be the story of “Cathedral,” by Raymond Carver. The second is “The Open Boat,” by Stephen Crane. Both of these short stories show how people can come together to form their own community and get over a conflict that they couldn’t have achieved alone whether their result was intended to happen or not mainly through their characters and settings. In the case of Carver’s story the characters themselves really help set the atmosphere for a community to for…show more content…
Throughout the story the most important part about setting would have to be the living room and most importantly the T.V. in the living room (Carver 80, 82-85). The living room is an important piece of the setting because it is there that we really get to know the kind of man that Robert is as he describes himself and his life story to the Narrator and his wife. It is also the place where the Narrator and Robert really begin to connect as the Narrator turns on the T.V. in an attempt to get out of the situation that he doesn’t want to be in, which is having to spend time with Robert. The T.V. itself though would have to be the one most important piece of the setting because without the topic of community would have never been introduced to the story through the channel that shows the
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