Low Self-Esteemed Husband In Cathedral By Raymond Carver

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Cathedral by Raymond Carver is about a low self-esteemed husband who cannot relate to her wife’s former boss, Robert, a blind man. The husband is very close minded toward Robert because he had never met a blind person in his life. During the extension of the evening the narrator’s wife had tried several times to acquaint her husband about Robert's life yet he refused to reconcile. However, as soon as his wife fell asleep Robert and the husband shared a moment of intimacy when Robert urged the husband to draw a Cathedral. The events in the climax resolved the conflict because the narrator has been exposed to a blind man whom had opened his mind and eased his insecurities. Being open minded does not happen overnight however, something along those line that did occur Cathedral by Raymond Carver.…show more content…
From the start of the story, the narrator had described the incident in which Robert had felt his wife and he wasn’t comfortable about it. “He [had] touched her from the every part of her face, her nose- even her neck!” (Carver 137). This made the narrator very uncomfortable about Robert and is wife’s relationship. The narrator had known that his wife has confided in Robert for over the years which disturbed him but he never mentioned it to his wife. However, through the events of the night, the narrator had no desire in getting to know Robert because “[he] [never] had nothing to say… about anything all night” (Carver 142). Through this text you can tell that the narrator did not want to engage in a real conversation with Robert because he felt insecure. However, after drawing the Cathedral with Robert, the narrator felt at ease because he “didn’t feel like [he] was inside anything” (Carver 147). This explains that the narrator had his worries at ease when he allowed himself to trust Robert. It seems as if for once he was not in a cage where he was overthinking, he had let that go because of Robert’s

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