Stereotypes In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

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Most people judge someone off of physical appearance or general stereotypes. In “Cathedral”, author Raymond Carver addresses this exact situation. In the beginning, the narrator is put in an uncomfortable situation by having to meet a blind man, Robert. The narrator does not like that his wife is friends with the blind man and immediately dislikes him. The narrator passes judgment on Robert through stereotypes he has always believed. After spending time with Robert, the narrator has an epiphany and realizes they have things in common. Raymond Carver writes “Cathedral” in order to explain that peoples’ opinion of others can change by creating a relationship with them. Initially, the narrator dislikes Robert because of his previous thoughts…show more content…
They watch a television program about Cathedrals. The program was significant because it sparks a conversation about their religious beliefs. Robert asks, “But let me ask if you are religious in any way?” (Carver 526). This exchange allows the men know each other more personally. Talk about religion can be personal and sometimes uncomfortable. The only reason Robert asks this is because he wants to break down the wall of being uncomfortable, and truly get to know the narrator. Robert then asks the narrator to draw a cathedral with him because he doesn’t know what it looks like. The blind man rests his hand on the narrators’ hand while he draws. At this point the men finally started to create a true relationship and understanding for each other. By the narrator and Robert drawing together, it is allowing the narrator to get a chance to “see” life through Roberts eyes. The narrator begins to understand Robert and this intrigues him. The narrator describes this event as once in a lifetime. He says, “It was like nothing else in my life up to now” (Carver 528). This moment is the turning point in the narrators’ views. It makes him realize that he had no reason to judge Robert, because they are not that much different after

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