An Essay On Why I Want To Be A Game Warden

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The job I particularly see myself is becoming a Game warden would be an amazing experience because range and wildlife management is something that I’ve always wanted to do. At first I saw myself being a veterinarian but then I felt like it would be my duty to protect endangered animals. I have always been out in the outdoors, exposing myself to nature, around domestic and exotic animals and it is something that best suit me, I would really enjoy it the opportunity to get a job. To get there and become a Game warden there are many skill requirements so it must be followed it’s a high paying job and requirements are mandatory starting off by age, by my senior year in college I should have already reached the age of 21 years before entering the…show more content…
On this one must learn is a special training to use Fire arms or Handgun by having test this involves dry fire of a duty weapon and five consecutive trigger pulls with each hand from a standing position while holding the barrel inside a 5in ring, five consecutive trigger pulls inside a 5 inch ring while holding the firearm in both hands from an unsupported kneeling position. Either you are on land Game Warden or at sea they require a swim test in order to do so we must fall backwards into the water and remain afloat for at least 30 seconds then swim 100 meters without assistance or any rest by doing so in more than 5 minutes. After the completion of all these requirements the most important thing is accepting the assignment, anywhere in the State of Texas right after graduation from this academy training and contracting as a Texas Game Warden. They will notify the cadet after they are all successful of the completion of their academy training

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