Rutaganda Essay

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The film Hotel Rwanda uses powerful words and images to reveal that people are desensitised to the horrors of war and genocide thats happening in the world around them.The quote “If people see this they’ll say… this is horrible and then go on eating their dinner’s” is very strong and perfect for the situation as it tell us even though the genocide is terrifying, people will just proceed eating their dinner. If people were experiencing crisis for themselves, their whole perspective on the issue would change. George shows how the media talks about the distasteful violence and why the west never came to help because the West had emotionless broadcasters who left listeners uninspired to help the ones in need. George tells us through important…show more content…
The Hutu’s could commit such acts, so willingly, that they could dehumanise people. George Rutaganda says “Tutsi prostitutes are witches” and the repetitive use of “cockroaches” and this illustrates to the audience the how much George Rutaganda doesn't care about the Hutu’s. The worst scene to show that people definitely are desensitized to the genocide is when the Rwandan Armed Forces and the Interahamwe set up roadblocks and go from house to house killing Tutsis and moderate Hutu politicians. The in film you also see Madam Archer telling Paul Rusesabagina that they are planning to kill all the children to wipe out the next generation. These scenes and images definitely show how disgusting the Hutu paramilitary organization was. From the very first frames and image, where the pictures has not yet appeared and the screen is black, the film Hotel Rwanda makes viewers think a certain way about what happened in Rwanda in 1994. Heard by viewers is a frightening African voice, which is clearly the announcer on a Rwandan radio program, and he is defining the Tutsis as ‘cockrrrrRROACHES’. This terrifying voice returns throughout the film to haunt the sacred and innocent Tutsis, and the audience gripping their seats. The films defiantly shows us too much gruesome imagery. Even though most of the images are far away from the camera blood is still shown too much. Many dead bodies are seen in the film, but these scenes are more emotionally intense
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