Bart Packer's Three Star Essay

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Bart Starr was a seventeenth round draft choice in 1956. He won only three games out of his first twenty starts as a Packer. But, when Lombardi came into town his style of offense suited Bart perfectly. Bart Starr ended up playing fifteen years for the Packers and became when of the greatest players during that time and right now is still ranked one of the best ever to play at his position. Starr holds several NFL passing records including best completion percentage by a quarterback. Starr even led the Packers to five NFL titles (NFL titles are the same as Super Bowls) and two Super Bowls. He was also named MVP three times. In 1977 he was Inducted into the Hall of Fame. Brett Favre was traded to the Packers in 1992 from the Atlanta Falcons.…show more content…
He first started his career with the Eagles, then the Packers, and then the Panthers. During his NFL career White was selected to thirteen consecutive Pro Bowls. He had one hundred ninety eight total career sacks, second most all-time and in 1987 he had twenty-one sacks that was the most sacks in a single season until Michael Strahan broke it in 2001 with twenty-two sacks. Before White joined the Packers the following year the Packers defense was ranked twenty-third. After White’s first year with the Packers their defense was ranked second. Also, In 1997 during his thirteenth year in the NFL he passed Jerry Rice for most Pro-Bowl appearances with twelve. He even has twelve career sacks in the postseason, third all-time. Believe it or not he’s sacked seventy-five different quarterbacks in his career. He also became the fastest player to reach one-hundred sacks. Since he got picked in the 1984 draft to the end of his career in 2000, he’s had one thousand one hundred fifty one tackles, one hundred ninety eight sacks, three interceptions, fifty seven passes blocked or defended, thirty two forced fumbles with twenty one recoveries, two safeties, four blocked kicks, and two touchdowns. In 2006 he was inducted into the Hall of Fame as a Green Bay Packer and a Philadelphia

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