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Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, is a narrative of a schooled black man who is struggling to triumph in a divided community based upon race. The society his lives in declines to see him as the human being he is, just because of his skin color. Ellison refers to himself as a innocent and inexperienced man who only hopes to develop into an experienced and wise man. The story takes place back to when he was in high school days, when he was invited to give a speech at a white mans hotel that will be filled other white citizens. Before giving his speech Ellison is humiliated in front of the crowd, whom don't even acknowledge him. Although all the events he went through that evening, at the end of the day he receives a briefcase which supposedly holds a scholarship to the state college for black people. He later on opens the briefcase to find a note that pretty much says that there is no scholarship and he should keep running. For the next couple of years he spends them running from all races, whom state that they will help him out and escort him to a better life but eventually just…show more content…
He recalls Mary being his only friend. Eventually he leaves Mary's house and goes on to join an organization that hopes to unite all people no matter their race and treat them with equality. His accomplishments in the organization lead to him being a lecturer and leader of the Harlem community. Not to long after the Harlem community breaks into violent movement which Ellison does not agree upon. He is accused of betraying the black brotherhood and is forced to wear a disguise to cover his identity. Ellison spends many lonely days in aspiration of letting go of his difficult past, thus provoking him to turn to writing to vent and get rid of all his anger, which works wonderfully because he then looks back to his writing to teach him lessons and learns to appreciate and find the love for life that he once

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