Okonkwo And Unoka Research Paper

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Weak, coward, peasant, Woman—all that Unoka was, and all that Okonkwo feared to become. Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart is a novel that depicts the culture of the late 19th century tribes of Nigeria and its clash with the western culture, following the story of Okonkwo: a man whose entire life was dominated by the fear of becoming a weak failure, like his father, Unoka. Throughout his novel, Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe presents two significant characters, Okonkwo and Unoka, seemingly polar opposites; but, through the author’s use of both direct and indirect characterization, it becomes apparent to the reader that with their numerous differences come many significant similarities. As the physical, sociological, and psychological characteristics of Okonkwo and Unoka are revealed, it is clear that they have several contrasting traits. To start off the book, Achebe illustrates the great strength…show more content…
He wore a haggard and mournful look” (Achebe, pg 4). Right off the bat, the reader sees a difference in physique; Okonkwo, a grizzly, known throughout the nine villages for his tremendous power, his face alone bringing sheer terror to the faces of his enemies, and Unoka, an insect in comparison, weak, scrawny, his tired, unthreatening face causing nothing but laughter and scorn from his clansmen. While the father and son may land on different ends of the spectrum when it comes to physical figure, that is neither

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