Gympro: Constraints Of A Project Manager

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In terms of management the project manager would manage the project team so they can complete the project, and the program manager would manage the program staff and the project manager, because they provide the vision of the project. An example of this is the CEO of GymPro approached the IT organisation IT-First to work on the project. In terms of change both program and project manager would expect the change somewhere in the project, but would handle change differently, project managers have to keep the change managed and control, and program manages change that is coming inside and outside. An example of change management would be the delay of the project coming from the inside, because of staff being sick and being absent, the project…show more content…
Time refers to the amount of time needed to complete the project, the budget refers to the estimate amount of money that the project will require to be completed and quality referring to how well the project worked compared to the client’s satisfaction. No matter what change is needed to be made in the project, it will affect all three constraints of the triple constraint, tomtsongas (2011) states that if schedule needs to be changed halfway through the project the other two constraints would be affected as well. A project manager would have to monitor theses three factors constantly to make sure the chances of the project being successful much greater. Tomtsongas (2011) states that it is important for project management to convey that the information to the stakeholders of the projects and to make sure everyone involved in the project is aware of the triple…show more content…
The article Risks, issues, opportunities (2012) states that issues are problems that can seriously affect the project and prevent the project from been completed until the issue is resolved. Chang (2013) states that a risk is an unplanned set of events that if it could occur it may have either a positive effect or a negative effect on the project. The article Risks, issues, opportunities (2012) defines risks are potential events or problems that can affect the project or a task’s ability to reach its intended goals. The article Risks, issues, opportunities (2012) defines opportunities as a potential event that could increase the quality of the project and have a positive effect on the project. It would be better for a risk to happen than have the project management team get an issue, because the risk could end up having a good effect on the project, where an issue will not have any good effect on the

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