Raising Minimum Wage Essay

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Within the past couple of years, many states have urged to raise the minimum wage to fifteen dollars, even twelve dollars by 2020. Many states such as, California and New York all agree to raise the minimum wage. However, states governed by republicans believe that this will only “hurt the very people who it is intended to help”. Many researches have been done comparing the raise in minimum wage between fast food restaurants in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. After all the data was collected, it was concluded that the raise in minimum wage did not effect the employment. Also in their studies they realized the closer the minimum and medium wage are, the greater the impact the raise will have for better or worse. Santa Fe, New Mexico had a city wide raise in minimum wage in 2003. Studies show that it had little impact of unemployment; however, modern tools were not used for extensive studying. Economists believe the…show more content…
“It would be stupid to charge $7 for a foot long sandwich that everyone else has for $5,” Peters explain as 50% of her profit is towards paying her employees. Even though employees might be paid more, the owners of businesses would have to raise their prices to balance out the money. Although the raise in minimum wage doesn’t disrupt unemployment, the balance of prices and paychecks would become uneven. This causes business owners to raise the prices of their product. Which this increase in price can reduce the number of sales and can lead to going out of business because no profit is made on the sellers end. Mr. Karp, the owner of five chain stores, feels unaffected by the raise in minimum wage because his lowest paying rate was already thirteen dollars. As a resultant of this high paying job the employees are more willing to put in quality work. The quality work done has increased the success as the store, “we can’t do that with minimum wage

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