Gender Roles In Loraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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Midcentury America was a very influential and revolutionary time period for the advent of woman’s and civil rights in the USA. As the human testament faced by minorities grew, the risks posed by increasing protests from of racial segregation, led top violence all over the country. Minorities however, had little to no voice in the patriarchal, white American society, and had to resort to writing and music to express their discontent with American society. One example of these artists is Loraine Hansberry, a playwright who adapted her experiences in a white neighborhood growing up as a play. In the 1950s, Loraine Hansberry portrayed both African American and Gender Roles in the face of racism and sexism, in her play, A Raisin in the Sun. With Chicago as the foreground for the play, 1950s Chicago was teaming with the problems that it Hansberry displayed Sexism…show more content…
Hansberry uses this to display that happy endings are constructed from choices and those choices can tailor to the outcome. These choices are what Hansberry uses in the book with Walter, to show that they cannot be tailored for one’s favor; ad is much like throwing a dart at a board: One can aim for where you want to go, but there is no guarantee that the dart will land there. The crucible of segregation against the family, with backlash of sexism against Beneatha’s wants and desires ultimately make them a stronger unit as a whole. The play ends with them choosing to occupy a house in a white neighborhood, even with the evident discontent of the neighborhoods white inhabitants. The crucible and testament of racial segregation as a whole is not over, and likely never will be, but the raw power of Hansberry’s play, A Raisin in the Sun, illustrates to us readers, that the future is unsure. That we as humans cannot make anything physical out of what are yet known, but for all humans to keep moving forward into the

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