A Raisin In The Sun And Death Of A Salesman Analysis

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Two different men, with one shared dream, and both of which have different outcomes. In the plays, A Raisin in the Sun by Arthur Miller and Death of a Salesman by Lorraine Hansberry, the two major characters, Walter and Willy are important people with similar personal struggles and a shared dream of making it rich. The characters have similar struggles, with the outcome of them pursuing their dreams ending similarly. The characters of Walter and Willy have many common characteristics. Both Willy and Walter are discontent men with supportive women in their lives. Willy has his wife Linda, and Walter has his wife, Ruth and his mother Lena. While both may receive support from these women it happens in different ways. Linda always stands up for…show more content…
These are the characters of Charley along with Biff in Death of a Salesman and Beneatha in A Raisin in the Sun. Beneatha is Walters sister, they both argue and fight with each other but there is still love within their relationship. The same can said for Willy’s relationship with Charley, who he argues with then says, “Charley, you’re the only friend I got. Isn’t that a remarkable thing?” (Miller 71), While he calls Charley his only friend he is perfectly willing to fight with him. The same can be said for his relationship with Biff his eldest son. He loves Biff so much yet believes that Biff does everything in his power to spite him. The greatest similarity that both characters are their shared dream. They both have the same dream, to make it big. An example of this is when Walter says, “Hell, yes, I want me some yachts someday! Yes, I want to hang some real pearls 'round my wife's neck.” (Hansberry 86). He wants to be rich, he doesn’t want his family to be poor and doesn’t want to worry about money, but at the same time, he wants to have the glory of being a rich successful man. Willy is the exact same way, “We’ll do it here, Ben! You hear…show more content…
Willy is an old man at his point in his life, he is stuck in the past. He tried throughout his life to become a rich salesman but was not able to achieve this status. The company he worked at for thirdly four years, ends up putting him on commission and then fires him after he asks them to give him a desk job. This leads him to push his dream on to favorite son Biff, who rejects it. This rejection by his son leads Willy to break down, and start to hate his life. He puts up a front that he is a super popular, successful salesman. He does because he wants everyone to see him that ways, but deep down he believes himself be a failure. This leads him to think that he is worth more to his family dead that he is a life. Walter like Willy also wants to prove to this family that he is worthy to be the man of the house. Walter also dreams of being a rich successful man, he is envious of those who are rich and wants to be like them. Willy likewise is envious of his family member Charley because he became a successful businessman. Walter is a younger man, he works as for a rich family as a chauffeur and hates it. He wants more out of life than to be just a chauffeur he like Willy dreams of being rich. He gets his opportunity then the insurance money from his father’s passing is delivered. The money is a source of conflict between him and his family. His family wants to use the money for other purposes, yet he

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