How Does Anne Sexton Show Courage

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Courage Anne Sexton wrote hundreds of insightful and relatable poems that were a direct reflection of the depressing, dysfunctional life she led. She was born on November 9, 1928, in Newton, Massachusetts, to a dysfunctional middle class family. Her father was an alcoholic and both of her parents were abusive, which contributed to her early mental instability. She found comfort and guidance in her great aunt and was traumatized after she was hospitalized and later died. Anne Sexton later eloped with Alfred Sexton II, even though she was already engaged to someone else. The marriage never worked well and both of them regularly participated in affairs, adding to Anne’s problems. She was diagnosed with depression, and when her husband was away, she would abuse their children. Anne practically lived in therapy, using poetry as an outlet, and her sometimes odd poems exhibited her mental state.…show more content…
Her poems were renowned by some and disgusted others. “This kind of poetry, which unveils the poet's innermost feelings, is usually termed confessional poetry, and it is the subject of much critical controversy.” (Poetry Foundation, paragraph two) She published hundreds of poems, and after her fame hit its peak and her divorce shortly after, her health began to decline. She was reliant on drugs, therapy, and alcohol and continued to take part in many love affairs. In October of 1974, Anne Sexton committed suicide with the use of carbon monoxide. It is obvious that her poems are a result of her painful, depressing life and, although sometimes odd and confusing, they are easily relatable, which is why Anne’s poems are renowned and

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