Resilience In The Glass Castle

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The Glass Castle is a memoir, written by Jeannette Walls about the life of the Walls family. The family consisted of Rex, Rose Mary, Lori, Jeannette, Brian and Maureen Walls. Rex Walls, the father was an alcoholic who was very destructive when drunk, but when he was sober, he was an intelligent man who encourage his children’s imagination. Then you have Rose Mary, a mother who did nothing but paint and sit around because she doesn’t want the responsibility of raising a family. This left Lori, Jeannette, Brian, and Maureen to fend for themselves so they had to learn how to take care of one another. The Glass Castle is a memoir of a dysfunctional and unique family that shows resilience, and the effect that role models have on life. The Glass…show more content…
In order to have resilience a person must have self-sufficiency, problem solving skills, social skills, and a sense of determination and future. Jeannette had someone counting on her and all it took was someone to believe in her and make a difference in her life. The Glass Castle has been a great book just like “The Other Wes Moore” I caused me many emotions. I think even though there may have been upsetting events that happened, it wasn’t a sad book. This book was just about the story of the walls family it was so shocking that some of these things happened and the children are still alive, for example, in the beginning of the book Jeannette got caught on fire I was like omg what is wrong with these parents like why would you let you 3 year old daughter cook. Even though most of the book was mortifying there were some pretty funny and touching parts. One of my favorite parts of the book was when Rex Walls gave his kids a star for Christmas and Jeannette picked Venus that to me really showed how special and unique Jeanette was. This book is nothing like I would have ever read before I usually try to stay away from books like these because it upsets me and I usually don’t end up finishing it, but I am glad I finished this book because at the end almost everything ended up ok. To me this book is about family and how

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