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1. In the beginning of the novel Amir and Hassan are very good friends but throughout the first few chapters Amir begins to question his friendship with Hassan. He doubts his own loyalty to Hassan because he is afraid of people thinking less of him because he is friends with a Hazara. He often witnesses people discriminating against him like the soldier who teases Hassan while they are walking to the cinema, and he experiences this when Assef bullies him for even associating with a Hazara. Amir also slightly resents Hassan because Baba treats Hassan better than him. He is ashamed of his son for not being as tough as other boys and upset that Hassan always fight bullies off. " You know what happens when the neighbourhood boys tease him? Hassan steps in and fends them off" Amir…show more content…
For Baba this is quite a negative experience, he ends up working in a working class job and finds it difficult to adapt to the culture. Amir however embraces his new life and adapts well, making he move to America a positive influence in his life. Under Taliban rule Hazara people including Hassan's family are actively persecuted him and his wife both die and their son Sohrab is dictated by the Taliban 9. This is a significant moment in Amir's journey because it shows how much he has changed since the last time he hid money under someone's bed. When Amir shoves money under Hassan's bed it is to frame him for what Baba considered the worst sin imaginable, stealing. By doing this Amir is stealing Hassan and Ali's livelihood. When Amir hides cash in Farids home he is redeeming himself and giving back to somone who needs it. 10. Amir's selfish cowardice changes when he moves to America and fins a pace where h feels like he fits in, firstly he stands up for himself when he stands his ground against Baba and chooses his own career. Amir's least cowardly act in the novel was to protect Sohrab

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