Summary Of Quotes From 'The Kite Runner'

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People say that eyes are windows to the soul. Never was that more true than with Ali, who could only reveal himself through his eyes. (pg. 8) Ali had a congenital paralysis of his lower facial muscles. Congenitial paralysis of lower facial muscles is a condition that causes one to not be able to smile and leaves them grim-faced. This causes Ali to look dour and stern like. It was an unusual thing to see grim-faced Ali cheerful or unhappy because only his dull brown eyes reflected with a smile or flooded with sorrow. Since Ali could only reveal himself through his eyes, it is obvious that he is a very easy person to read. Hassan was crying. Ali pulled him close, clutched him with tenderness. Later, I would tell myself I hadn’t felt envious of Hassan. Not at all. (pg. 35) Amir is the type of person to…show more content…
Hassan saves Amir by saying that he did steal the money and watch. If Hassan had told the truth, Amir would’ve been in trouble and Baba would’ve never, ever forgiven Amir. Amir also realizes that Hassan is sacrificing himself again, despite knowing that Amir did not do the same when Hassan was raped in the alley. This shows that Hassan the stronger, better person, something that Amir fears. Strangely, I was glad that someone knew me for who I really was; I was tired of pretending. (pg.106) Amir is tired of pretending that he doesn’t know about Hassan’s rape. He feels so guilty for not standing up for Hassan because he was too afraid of what Aseef might have done to him if he interfered. After Ali told Baba they were leaving, Amir realized that Hassan told Ali everything. Hassan had told Ali what Aseef and his friends had done, about the kite, and about Amir. Amir somewhat feels relief that someone knows who he really is. Some hero I had been, fretting about the kite. Sometimes, I too wondered if I was really Baba’s son.

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