Quentin Tarantino's Film Pulp Fiction

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Quentin Tarantino’s Film Pulp Fiction, at first seems like an out of order montage of violent and random scenes, but having watched it more than once, I believe there are many underlying themes and messages throughout. Pulp Fiction is unique because it is a tragedy without the sadness and has comic elements without a comic plot line. I believe the movie has several competing genres that ultimately create a tragedy theme by using some interesting filming techniques. One of these techniques would be the camera angles Tarantino uses. At the opening scene and throughout the movie Tarantino uses low angle shots making the viewer look up at the characters. This technique is usually used to portray the hero of the film but in this case creates a sense of irony. This creates a unique effect having the camera pointed upward at characters we wouldn’t consider heroic.…show more content…
The music played in the opening scene and throughout the movie is played through the radio that the characters are listening too rather than a soundtrack. What’s odd is the seventies mellow surfer music played on the all the radios through the film while they commit violence and also does not match the current music of the nineties which is subtle yet off-putting. Also when Vincent’s heroin dealer mentions he ran out of balloons and only has plastic bags the music stops turning to silence foreshadowing Mrs. Wallace’s near fatal mistake thinking it was cocaine. The genre reminded me of Shakespeare’s tragedy works because of it having no real moral message and being absent of your typical “happy ending”. A good example would be King Lear, in which most of the good characters die tragic deaths, though one lives on and becomes the King of England. Similarly, most of the characters in the movie die or suffer tragic fates, while Jules is spared because he realized he should be dead and decides to call it

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