Infernum: A Short Story

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Infernum growled low and muttered something about elves, as he set Parcival down on the ledge next to her. It rolled its eyes and snorted, "What, pray tell, could you possibly have to interest me?" She flicked a look at Parcival, and raised her eyebrows, and tried not to look overly pleading. Confusion scattered across his face for a moment and then he said, "It's huge, almost as big as you!" He swept his arms out over his head. Infernum licked his lips, "You lie!" his mammoth brow furled, "Big as what? What is?" She suppressed an amused grin that threatened to tug at the corners of her mouth. "It's worth a hundredfold of what I stole from you. I found it on the way to the North Coast. It's at the bottom of a waterfall, wedged in between the large rocks." Infernum said,…show more content…
He took some of the weight off of her by leaning to the righta little. She fell a sharp pain on the back of her leg for a moment and ignored it. She griped his hand that hung down on her shoulder and went deeper forward dodging the falling chunks. Looking behind her, she spotted Han struggling to swim far back behind her. Infernum a sleek lethe forum, like a giant purple serpent in the water. It whipped its tail out in front, just missing taking Hans head off. Hans eyes bulged and a few bubbles escaped his mouth. He swam frantically. The falling stalactites and chunks of cavern ceiling that come crashing down, fill the water with a dust that murks it. Infernum hidden behind whips his tail several times at Han. The cavern ahead became another long tunnel, and she can see an opening above, spotting blue sky above. She pointed ahead several times, getting Parcivals attention. Gripping him tighter she sprinted him forward with a push, jetsoning him up and out of the water. He landed with a thump outside. She heard him yelling at her, but ignored him, taking a deep breath and dived back down. Her arms ached bad and made it hard to

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