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Queen Elizabeth I was known to be the greatest queen of England for all time. She was the queen of England from 1553-1603, during her rule England became prosperous, where wars were successful, such as the war with Spain, her people had stable government, and a new framework of support for the needy. I really find Queen Elizabeth interesting because despite being a woman she was not swayed by her advisors and statesmen, she was able to developed a relationship with her people. She was an intelligent, courageous and a loyal queen. One of the reason I find Queen Elizabeth interesting is because she was an intelligent queen, she knew how to play her advisors and statesmen, and she knew how to get her own way without offending anyone. Such as her decision to remain a virgin queen, she did what her advisors wants of her, and that is to court suitable men and she did but she was also smart enough to charm her way and in the end get what she wants. Queen Elizabeth is also a very smart and careful about ruling her country, for example, she was always cautious in foreign affairs, that…show more content…
She was courageous enough to stand up for what she believed in, for example, she did not let her councils or advisors into bullying her to marry and have an heir. She also did not let what anyone thought of her get to her, instead she did what she wanted without any care, such as when she rides her horse into a gallop, she knew that society believes, at the time, that women who must ride horses like a lady, but she did not care and still did what she wanted because she was brave. I admire her courage because sometimes I lack courage. Queen Elizabeth was able to lead her country in victory because she was brave and strong. She did not back down when others before her had. And I really admire that because I believed that not all women are strong or brave enough when in faced in a tough

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