Analysis Of Give A Boy A Gun, By Todd Strasser

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Do shy people tend to have something to hide? Sadly, this is true and relates to many people. Most people might not suspect anything, but that can be a sad mistake. In the novel, “Give a Boy a Gun,” by Todd Strasser, two shy kids do something that will be remembered as a traumatic event in their school’s history. Throughout the book, Brendan repeatedly shows actions of angriness, darkness, and volatility. Throughout the story, Brendan showed many signs of his anger taking control over him. Jocks like Sam Flach have pushed/shoved him around. These sort of actions have pushed his anger to the limit. In Brendan's words, "I will put that friggin' barrel right against his forehead and say, 'Gee, sorry Sam,' then blow his friggin' brains…show more content…
Brendan’s volatility was not an unknown factor in his behavior. Volatility will eventually become a main part of his attack at the school dance. “He could be temperamental, but that’s also not unusual”(Strasser, pg.19). Even teachers have realized that Brendan can be sort unstable sometimes. He can overreact over just one thing. For example, one time when Brendan was playing in a soccer game, Brendan got extremely mad because he thinks the ref did something unjustified. Brendan’s teammates were embarrassed to have Breandan as a teammate. “I was talking with Brendan in the hall, and Sam Flach came by and gave him just the slightest nudge...Making a fist, muttering under his breath…”No, Ms. Bender, it’s not ‘just’ a little push, not when it happens every day”(Strasser, pg.51). If something like this happens to a person in school, they might just get mad for a second or two and just forget about it, but Brendan was the complete opposite. Brendan went over the top with his anger, clenching his fist and muttering words. Volatility had been a main role in Brendan’s, which had been taken over because of his

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