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My book, Fablehaven, by Brandon Mull, is about a magical preserve for mythical creatures. Two siblings, Kendra and Seth, go to visit their grandparents at their mansion in Connecticut. They soon discover that their grandparents are caretakers of the magical preserve called Fablehaven. At the end, the protagonist Kendra confronts the fairy queen when her family is in grave danger and is rewarded when the queen offers her an army of fairies to fight with her. They save everyone and Fablehaven does not fall. The overall theme of the book is that good always prevails over evil in the end. The main character in the story, Kendra Sorenson has many values that sway her decisions. The book shows that she values family above almost anything else.…show more content…
In order to reach the shrine she had to cross a lake full of deadly naiads who wanted to pull her under and drown her. She would have been safe outside the water but instead took a miniature paddle boat to reach the shrine while the naiads desperately tried to tip her boat. It was significant because she risked her life even though she had been told that stepping on the shrine meant certain death. Her grandfather had said that any mortal who approaches the shrine will be turned to sunflower seeds, but because of her innocence and purity the fairy queen shows mercy. Another value that Kendra possesses is conformism. She never caused any mischief in Fablehaven, so protective spells make her invisible to evil magic. Because of this she is able to escape the evil witch and demon unharmed and get help for her family. She doesn’t follow the rules to have extra protection, but because she believes it is the right thing to do. While her brother Seth ventured into the…show more content…
Both of us highly value our family. Kendra risks her life to save them and I know I would do the same thing in that situation. I always choose a family event over any sports obligation or anything else. When my grandfather died of cancer I realized that in the end, all that really matters is your health and those who care about you. One value that Kendra and I do not share is her conformism. She never breaks rules, never takes risks unless totally necessary, and never questions those with authority. When her grandfather lays down the rules of the preserve, she follows all of them without question. Her brother Seth on the other hand, takes it to the opposite extreme and breaks just about every rule they have. I, on the other hand, am not a total stick-in-the-mud. Although I follow the rules when I know it’s for the best, I’m not afraid to question something if I think it’s not right. I would challenge anyone in authority if they were enforcing unfair rules. Kendra and I both value trust. Kendra is honored when her grandfather trusts her with the secret of Fablehaven. I really don’t like it when I feel like I’ve lost somebody's trust because I know in my heart I mean no harm, but they feel that I won’t keep their secret. I will do almost anything to prove to someone that I am worthy of their

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