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Have you ever heard of Queen Elizabeth 1? Queen Elizabeth was from the Elizabethan Era. During the Elizabethan Era, it was different from the world today but also very important. The Elizabethan Era was considered the Golden Age, with many new things being introduced, and different opinions and beliefs. The time period in which the Elizabethan World View was popular was during the Elizabethan Era under the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1. Queen Elizabeth’s reign was from 1558 - 1603.The Elizabethan Era is highly regarded nowadays and also is arguably the best era of English history. People considered the Elizabethan Era as England’s “Golden Age” because of many things. It was a brief time of peace between all the internal wars going on in England. The Reformation conflict between the protestant and…show more content…
There were also battles for the throne which came to a stop as well. The cause of this conflict was Henry VIII’s only son who died at the age of sixteen. With no other male children, people were fighting to see who would gain the throne after Henry VIII died. Elizabeth’s sister, Mary, ended up succeeding her father in taking the throne. She later passed away and passed on the throne to Elizabeth. Thanks to this long period of peace, the arts were able to flourish and expand. This gave birth to new creative minds like William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe. Queen Elizabeth also supported the arts as she enjoyed them. The Elizabethan Era was considered the pinnacle of the English Renaissance and saw the blossom of the English arts and literature. The Elizabethan Era also rose in power and influence worldwide. Their military was established as one of the leading in the world after the famous triumph over the Spanish Armada, which were considered invincible at the time, in 1588. Queen Elizabeth 1 fixed England and also set it on the right path. England was in

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