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Quebec City What is the absolute and relative location of your place? Quebec City is located in Canada, North of the St. Lawrence River. Quebec City is located in the province of Quebec which is bordered by New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Ontario (“Quebec Lat/Long” par. 3). Quebec City’s absolute location is measured in latitude and longitude. Quebec City’s latitude is 46°81’N and 71°23’W (“Quebec Lat/Long” par. 1). What landforms are there in Quebec City? Quebec City has a majestic landscape and with that brings a variety of landforms. Quebec City is located in the Canadian Shield, where there are; plains, plateaus, coniferous forests and Rocky Terrain. The Rocky Terrain includes rocks such as; sandstone, limestone and shale…show more content…
“Quebec City has a humid continental climate with severe winters and warm summers.” Quebec City also has a “cool temperate wet forest biome” because of all the natural vegetation surrounding the city (“Quebec City, Quebec Climate” pars. 2 and 4). Quebec City receives “most of its precipitation in the months of November and December.” “Quebec City’s warmest month is June and its coolest month is January (“Quebec City Canada” par. 1).” The average temperature of Quebec City is 4°C and there temperature range is…show more content…
“About 96% of the population speaks French and the other 4% speaks English (“Quebec City” par. 16).” Quebec City is greatly known as “Europe of North America (“About Quebec” par. 1).” It receives this nickname because of the lovely “French heritage and is also recognized as a heritage site (“About Quebec” pars. 18 and 19).” Even though the majority of the population in Quebec City are French speaking Canadians, and few are English speaking Canadians a lot of different cultures immigrate to Quebec City. Some of the cultures that immigrate to Quebec City from around the world include; “Italian, Greek, Arab, Irish, Chinese and South Asian ethnicities (“About Quebec” par. 23).” People of a variety of cultures and ethics come to Quebec City for the French charm, good working conditions, affordable housing and better living conditions than where they lived

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