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Both of these movies are romantic comedy with intriguing story plot about boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl and girl falls in love with boy but boy and girl have professional lives or in a critical situation that might lead the relationship south. The first film we watch was Punch-Drunk Love which was directed and written by Paul THomas Anderson. Then we watched Going the Distance which was directed by Nanette Burstein. Yet, both of these movies are not adopting the guidelines of The Production Code that was established in the late 1920s but the difference between these two films are the sexual implication, towards the women in the film. Erin (Drew Barrymore) in Going the Distance was first written by Geoff LaTulippe who made her a “male fantasy” of an layback girlfriend but then director Nanette Burstein transformed Erin as an embodied, sensitive, sympathetic…show more content…
However, Sandler’s performance in this film was the most indescribable to discuss because it was so renown in his characters from soft spoken to aggressiveness. For example, when Berry is at the restaurant with Lina and he gets so interest with Lina and needs time alone and he goes into the restroom and destroys the restroom. Then he returns to the table that Lina is waiting, he returns calm and all through the time they were kicked out of the restaurant. Sandler is also a mythodactor by the way he emerges with his character, one the example of playing along and creating ideas that were not in the script was when Lance (Luis Guzman) falls out of his chair and Berry ask him if Lance he was alright, that fall from the chair, the audience could tell that the fall from the chair from Lance was not in the script and Guzman and Sandler both play it off and Anderson includes it into the film of all the anxious and fear into the

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