Public Policy In The United States

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Question 1: What is public policy? Give an example of a recent public policy at the national level in the United States. . Public policy is the law enacted in line with the constitution of a country to aid the legal mandate of a country, provide a regulation or give a directive on the cultural and moral standing of the government. Public policy is enacted by the law makers of a country but must be in line with the constitution and others country’s statutes .The interest of citizens of a country is always the main consideration whenever public policy is being formed. Legislatures must pass laws in parliament that agree with public policy (Dye, 2004). The recent incident that focused on public interest in United States is same- sex marriages.…show more content…
People are more informed of what is happening within their surrounding environment and across the globe. The creation of the ‘global village’ by the internet through social media has made it necessary to have a system of government that is run online (Ramesh, Araral & Xun, 2010). A state can put up various internet facilities to come up with a single system that can be used to govern its people. A new online governance system gives room for everyone who has access to the internet to discuss what should be done and how it should be done. On the contrary, the earlier style of governance only allowed a minority who were wealthy to take part in creation of public policies which affected less wealthy population. The new system of governance ensures that at the end of the day, everyone will have contributed to the decisions made in that government. The outcome of such a discussion whether law, public policies or regulations will be followed by the people because it belongs to the people (Moseley & Stoker,…show more content…
Nowadays, individuals in the society no longer prefer to follow the age old cultural beliefs and practices. The individuals instead prefer to come up with their own new ways of doing things. The new culture of doing things may not agree with the public policy in place at the time. Governments are forced to sit down and draft another new public policy that will accommodate this new culture. The frequency of development of new cultures is a challenge for the policy makers to match. Conflict ensues between individuals and the policy makers due to this mismatch (Bellmann, Hepburn & Wilke,

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