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Exciting news is out and Witney Carson of Dancing With the Stars is now engaged to her high school sweetheart. People is now sharing that Witney shared the news today on social networks that Carson Mcallister has popped the question and of course the dancer said “yes.” The two met in Utah when Witney Carson was still in high school and now several years later they are engaged. They have been through various dance partners and of course survived it all. Witney actually spoke to People and let them know about how the engagement went. My high school sweetheart popped the question last night in the most perfect, beautiful way. He was waiting for me on the beach surrounded by candles. Danced with me while the sun went down and then knelt down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes. Carson actually went to her Instagram page to share the news with her fans as well.…show more content…
After making the top three, Carson was invited to join the troupe on Dancing With the Stars and then Witney was later moved into the position of a dancing professional, where she was partnered with a celebrity each week. This is hard work that Carson does each week actually teaching her partner a dance and even choreographing the dance for the week. Carson won the show last season with her partner Alfonso Ribeiro. She was also nominated for an Emmy for 2015 outstanding choreography for 3 dances she did with Alfonso on the show. Witney was on the show with Chris Soules of The Bachelor. At the time, he was engaged to Whitney Bischoff, but things didn’t work out for them. A few rumors flew that Soules might be into Witney Carson instead, but obviously there was nothing to that considering Witney has been with Carson since high school and the two are doing

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