Case Study: Diapers With Love

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Job/Performer Level The job/performer level contributed to the lower gross/profit margin at the expense of the company based on the overtime having to be used to fulfill the quota needed per day. The turnover of employees resulted in machines without operators on a normal schedule, resulting in excessive overtime to maintain the daily need for production. The turnover started approximately one-year ago when the merger of the two companies was in discussion. The fear of closing one of the facilities may have been a contributing factor to the turnover. With the completion of the merger; the organization has presented the new goals for the company to increase production to control five percent of the market. The job/performer level team is the…show more content…
The turnover rate from both companies before the merger was a shocking 25 percent average from the previous year. The HR department is targeting a decrease to 10 percent, over the next year (see Appendix E for tracking spreadsheet). The discussion of merging the two businesses intimidated many employees and caused them to find new employment in fear of losing their jobs. With the growth plan, the company wants employees to train in their sister plant for a two-week period to become familiar with the employees at the other facilities and to acquire innovative ideas to improve the process in their department. Diapers with Love wants to reassure all employees that there are no intentions of any layoffs within our company. Our goal is to increase our production 40 percent in the diaper market and therefore value our current employees, as well as new talent that will start employment. All employees will be provided cross-training for other jobs; this will allow employees and the business to match people to the right position for them. As explained by Capelle (2017), matching employees to the right job consist of three…show more content…
The company has never had a consistent incentive plan in the workplace for the employees. There have been Thanksgiving dinners, and occasionally a shirt or hat is given out to all employees. Incentive plans are used to keep employee satisfaction and productivity high and consequently puts the business on track for making target production numbers. Diapers with Love promotes teamwork; the first incentive will center on the number of diapers produced quarterly in each factory. When reaching the quarterly goal in that factory, the hourly employee group of that factory will receive $1000 to buy items for the break room or use to host a catered employee dinner. Individual employee incentives will also be available to boost loyalty to the company. The company will present (1) full day of pay to employees who take no sick days per quarter and on every yearly hire date anniversary. With the presentation of recognition for missing no days from work or the employee’s anniversary. The managers or presenter will follow what Thompson (2014), pointed out as the most important part of the recognition; it is “to give the gift respectfully, personally, and sincerely” (p. 51). By singling out that person, the receiver will receive the award with more satisfaction. The HR department is working with upper management to establish an awards program for performance in the organization. The awards will be based on a point system and accumulated over the year. The awards will not be

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