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There are many different Orishas throughout the many different religions in Africa. Orishas are similar to gods in the African religions. They are the children of Olodumare, the creator of the Universe. The Orishas rule over the forces of nature within the world and are responsible for watching over humanity (“Orishas”). There are many famous Orishas and Orishas that few know of or worship, and because of this there is not a definite number on the amount of Orishas that exist, there could be well over a thousand (Allen). Orishas can be recognized through their different numbers, colors, and favorite foods. They like to receive offerings that correspond with these traits. Worshippers will make offerings that their Orishas are accustomed to so they will recognize their offerings and come to the aid of the worshipper (“The Orishas”). Those who worship Orishas also recognize that there cannot be Orishas without humans and there cannot be humans without the…show more content…
Obatala also protects humanity and is a guardian to worshippers who do not know their specific guardian Orishas yet. Obatala’s favorite color is white, he is always dressed in white and all of his offerings are white. This is because white represents his purity and energy. His number is 8, his sacred place is in the mountains, and his tool is a horsetail whisk. When slaves in Africa were intermixed and sent to the Americas, the Orishas became blended with Saints in the Catholic churches. Obatala is always synchronized with Jesus Christ. Obatala’s name is a title of honor and it means “King of the White Cloth”. Offerings to Obatala are always bland. He does not like spicy food or salt. The offerings are always white or light in color, so rice, eggs, coconut, and yams are all good offerings. Animals that can be sacrificed for him are she-goats, hens, and doves, but they all must be white

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