The Kennedy Tapes: Inside The White House During The Cuban Missile Crisis

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Taylor Humphrey Gen Ed 130 Individual and Society Dr. Alario Thirteen Days The movie Thirteen Days is based upon the book The Kennedy Tapes: Inside the White House During the Cuban Missile Crisis written by Ernest May and Philip Zelikow. The movie covers a thirteen day period that began in October, 1962, when surveillance photos showed that the Soviet Union was putting missiles in Cuba. President John F. Kennedy and his administration came together to organize a plan to stop the Soviet Union from activating the missiles. Certain members of Kennedy’s administration insisted that the US military attack immediately and invade Cuba. President Kennedy didn’t want to attack because he was concerned that the Soviet Union would then invade Berlin and the end result could be World War III. Eventually Kennedy and his administration decide on what they called a quarantine. This quarantine will allow the US Naval forces to stop all ships heading into Cuba so they can search them for weapons. While the Soviet ships turn back, it’s not the end of the situation.…show more content…
The Soviets will remove the missiles if the US promises never to invade Cuba. The President later receives the same message that he believes was personally written by Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev giving credit to the news reporter’s message. This first message is followed by a second message and now the Soviets want the US to remove its Jupiter missiles from Turkey. Kennedy’s administration goes back and forth on what to do with the two messages and eventually decide to ignore the second one because they don’t believe it actually came from

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