Pros And Cons Of Welfare Drug Testing

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The Great Debate A hot topic that is debated regularly is should welfare recipients be drug tested or should they not? Personally, I think it is best to not drug test these individuals. Drug testing is costly and to provide a test for every individual receiving the grant is a little nonsensical. Not to mention the actions of those opposing the issue. Drug testing welfare recipients should not be allowed in the United States of America because it is unlawful, pricey, and it is personally offensive. In my opinion, drug testing welfare recipients is unlawful. Asking the recipients to take a drug test against their will violates the fourth amendment in the Constitution. The fourth amendment prevents irrational seizures and searches. According to Kate Richey, author of Five reasons to not drug test welfare recipients, “An analysis by the Congressional Research Service concluded in 2008 that state laws requiring drug tests as a condition of benefits, without suspicion of drug use, are susceptible to constitutional challenge.” Forcing any of the recipients could lead to complications and an infringement of their rights as a U.S. citizen. Drug testing welfare recipients can be pricey. These drug tests will not only cost a ton of money but…show more content…
We are all human and we all are capable of mistakes and loss during our lifetime, I think it is great that welfare provides a sort of second chance for the individuals who truly need it. The main issue with today’s society is that we all are quick to point fingers, to shame, and to judge anyone we come into contact with. Our nation tears individuals down and instead we should be building each other up and uniting as one. The individuals getting judged for being on welfare are most likely feeling embarrassed or ashamed. Citizens who need help should not feel ashamed because everyone at one point in their life needs an aid and a pick me

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