Passive Behaviors Among Americans

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As humans we all have an array of emotions that portray who we are as an individual. Three common behaviors among Americans include passive, aggressive and assertive behaviors. These three types all have major differences. All of the stated behaviors are usually presented very clearly within an individual. Most all behaviors can be justified. These behaviors can effect a person’s social, personal, and work life both positively and negatively. Passivity is often termed ‘submissiveness’ which is accurate. When an individual shows signs of passivity the signs are obvious. They tend to be shy and are influenced by superiors in most decisions. This person will not care about what happens to them or people around them. Their body language will display insensitivity (Rosdahl, 2012). They will go against their own values to please…show more content…
Aggression has many origins as to why someone would be aggressive. It could be from childhood development, gender, hormones and many other things. Aggression can be verbal or non-verbal. Aggression in relation to gender is pretty simple. Males usually show more aggression towards each other than male to female. This is where the hormones come into play. Testosterone levels in men raise when they feel intimidated by other males. Aggression is not just being mean to someone, it can also be activated in our body’s fight or flight response to danger. Some people run but some fight. This is caused by adrenaline which makes you less afraid and more enraged. So aggression can sometimes help you fight to stay alive. Violence and conflict can lead to aggression. According to “Aggression and violence are not the same. While a person who commits an act of violence may be acting with aggression, a person with an aggressive nature will not necessarily engage in violent acts” (Aggression). So just because someone is aggressive does not mean they will become

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