Pros And Cons Of Police Body Cameras

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Jerry Bronson Mr. Hutcheson English 10 17 April 2015 Should the Police Wear Body Cameras? These last few years have been full of unjust homicides. The homicide in Ferguson, Missouri was a heavily disputed murder that happened shortly before 2015 which occurred on August 15. An African-American teenager was brutally shot and killed by an Officer. We don’t have a clear understanding of what happened in this incident. As a result of this unjust murder, Mayor Bill de Basio created a plan to outfit police officers with video cameras (Ganchor 1). If Officer Darren Wilson was equipped with a body camera then we would have a better look on how the event went down. We have very different accounts and views by Mr. Wilson and the other witnesses that were present at the fatal shooting.…show more content…
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