Narrative Essay On Travel Time

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"If I drive this thing off a cliff it's all your fault!" My husband shouted a phrase quite similar to this as were driving down I-75 on our way to Florida for my first day of a travel nursing assignment. Perhaps we should have left a few days earlier. Nevertheless, we set out on our maiden voyage in our 27-foot Class A RV with four days and three nights travel time before my assignment began. Three days on the road was how much time we figured it would take to travel from Northwest Ohio, to Englewood Florida - a small community about two hours south of Tampa on the Gulf side. The only problem was this was our first time driving the RV on any kind of lengthy trip. High winds. Speeding traffic. All the elements made for an interesting ride with my husband driving and our three-year-old strapped in his car seat in the living area of the RV. The first day we should have been at least to Tennessee. However, we stayed a night in Ohio as the drive was more difficult than he expected! So that is when I switched to panic mode. Oh no - I thought. It took us 24 hours to make it out of Ohio! I am never going to make it to my assignment in time by Monday morning for orientation! Two days later, we were driving through the mountains of Tennessee and that was when my husband said something to the…show more content…
First impressions are everything. It's important that you show up at the job wearing the exact attire as required by the dress code at the hospital. If it says all-white shoes, wear white shoes (that still look white, not the ones you wore as a student ten years ago). Maybe you arrive at the unit and the rest of the nurses do not wear white shoes - if the policy states white, wear the white, regardless what the rest are doing. Maintain a professional attitude with co-workers. Avoid conflict and handle yourself with the utmost accord. No matter what twists or turns come your way throughout the assignment, maintain this level of
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