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Calibro is a company majoring in the development and production of pharmaceuticals. It is headquartered in Switzerland. Since the company aims at developing, improving and producing pharmaceuticals, intense research is an essential requirement for the company. It has established research laboratories in various countries in Europe. Teams of research specialists are entrusted with the core role of researching and improving pharmaceuticals. Recently, the research team was working on a new drug development project. However, since the research teams are distributed, the company needed some means through which these research would work collaboratively so as to hasten the drug development process. Through a conversation between Pascal Delacarte…show more content…
The project was named “Baleine Bleue” (BB). The team that embarked on the project comprised of three people; Pascal, Sandy and another IT expert named Paul. Paul had been entrusted with the duty of restructuring the company’s website. The website had a number of complications such as dead links and poorly organized information. Since this information was poorly organized, it was quite impossible for the research team to retrieve it. The website also had very few links with valuable information most of which belonged to private servers. Paul was then to reform the company’s database and website so as to overcome these shortcomings. Pascal and Sandy enrolled for short Knowledge Management courses so as to gain the necessary skills and expertise in knowledge…show more content…
As the project development team engaged deeper into building the knowledge management prototype, they discovered that the project was much larger, wide and complex than they had expected. Sandy realized that she did not possess the necessary technical skills in developing and setting up a knowledge management system despite the fact that she had attended some short courses on knowledge management. The project needed much deeper knowledge and expertise in knowledge management rather than shallow learning of the basic concepts of organizational knowledge. It was also realized that the project could not be completed on time since there was much more to do yet the development team was composed only of three people. Three people for such a huge task was impossible even if they could be given a warranty of ten years, especially considering the fact that they were all newbies in the field of organizational learning. Looking at the team, 2 of its members, Sandy and Paul, were new employees who lacked a better background of the company. Pascal was the only pioneer employee of Calibro Company who happened to get a chance to participate in the Baleine Bleue project. Even if he was a pioneer employee, he did not have much say in the prototype development. The idea of establishing a knowledge management system had pushed into his mind by Sandy, who then became the project

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