Prohibition Crime In The 1930's

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Kasey Jorgensen Mr.Joriman US History 30 October 2015 Prohibition Crime During the Prohibition era there was a lot of crime that was happening. People would try to hide alcohol and smuggle it. Others tried to replicate alcohol. And there were mobsters and gangs during that time trying to sell it illegally. In the 1930’s alcohol became illegal and people got mad. The angry civilians came up with many different solutions to drink it secretly. That lead to the creation of speakeasies. Speakeasies were hidden underground bars/ nightclubs. Speakeasies could be anywhere and nobody knew except for the people who owned the building or the people who would participate at the speakeasies. In the 1930’s many women became more independent and became…show more content…
That is how speakeasies got their name. Inside a speakeasy there would be hidden spots that held the alcohol. It was hidden under floorboards, drawers would have false bottoms, cabinets could have a secret door, and sometimes behind the counters there were secret doors to go under the floor to the basement where a secret bar was. People would also try to create their own version of alcohol. And that led to the creation of moonshine and people would also try to sell alcohol and/or the moonshine that they made. Moonshine is made from corn-meal, sugar, yeast and water, so it was pretty easy to make because those ingredients were really easy to…show more content…
There were hundreds of bootleggers that were killed during this time because others wanted the money or the others wanted the alcohol that the bootleggers possessed. They also had fake prescriptions and/or licenses to get access to the amber liquid. Since that Bootleggers also replicated alcohol, their “alcohol” had different ingredients that was a lot less quality then the ingredients that actual breweries used. People that bought and consumed that fake alcohol got either poisoning or even deaths. Because of these casualties the bootleggers that created the fake alcohol got a bad reputation so consumers would find different suppliers to buy it

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