How To Be Determined And Never Give Up In The Untouchables

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The movie The Untouchables directed by Brian De Palma illustrates the theme that to achieve a goal one needs to be determined and never give up. The movie takes place in Chicago in the 1930’s during prohibition when all liquor is deemed illegal. Gangster Al Capone has taken prohibition and used it to make a profit by selling illegal booze. The movie starts with the Bureau of Prohibition, Elliot Ness arriving at the Chicago police station. Ness is determined to stop the selling of liquor in Chicago where gangs rule the streets. His first attempt to raid a liquor factory is spoiled when someone tips off Capone to move his supply. Ness takes this defeat badly and is discouraged until he meets Veteran Officer Jimmy Malone who is also fed up with corruption. Malone decides to help Ness form a…show more content…
Wallace then realizes that although Capone is well protected on all other criminal offenses he has never paid income tax. However they need someone to testify against Capone. After that the team flies up to the Canadian American border to intercept a liquor shipment. They stop the shipment and catch a top official in Capone’s crime ring that can link him to not paying income tax. Back at the station while taking the top official to custody Wallace and the top official are murdered. At Malone’s home as he is chasing an assassin Malone falls due to a Tommy gun ambush. Ness and Stone arrive as Malone is dying and Malone reveals the whereabouts of another high ranking official who can tie Capone to the crimes. Ness and Stone take the official and Capone to court where Ness makes a strong case against Capone but Capone does not seem worried. Ness learns that Capone has bribed the Jury to let him go free. However Ness convinces the Judge to switch the Juries with one from across the hall. Seeing this Capone and his defense are hopeless and plead guilty to tax invasion. Capone is sentenced to 11 years in

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