How Is Alfred Prufrock Selfish

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Is J. Alfred Prufrock a loser? T.S. Eliot takes the reader on a conflicting journey of love in his poem, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” Popularity is a concept that we, as humans, tend to struggle with. The way one grows up and the way one is treated by others can ultimately affect their self-esteem in future years, causing them to believe what people say about them. However, Prufrock did not draw the right straw. He was not raised too well known and the evidence of this leaks through even into his older years, explaining his current social gracelessness. Society has noticed this, and continues to speak negatively about Prufrock. The way people talk about him contributes even more to his already inferior view of himself, pushing him further from talking to the woman of his fantasy. This being so, it is a good indication that he has few, if any friends. J. Alfred Prufrock is held back from approaching the girl of his dreams by the designation society has long since given him, knowing the woman to be out of reach from his reputation.…show more content…
Just looking at the way he acts in a public setting easily backs it up. If he was raised in the popular crowd, his predicament would be thinned out much smoother. Prufrock would know how to handle himself much better than he does in his situation, having a lifetime of confidence built in him. The lack of confidence he has shows when he says: No! I am not Prince Hamlet, nor was meant to

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