Princess Diana Conspiracy Theory

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It was inevitable that the most renowned royal death of the 1900’s would appeal conspiracy theorists; that is exactly what happened when Princess Diana of Wales died in August of 1997. The night of her passing consisted of many elements that attracted these theories such as arbitrariness, royalty, money, secrecy, fame, and romance. Minimal information has been given to the public regarding the sudden death of the renowned sovereign causing many to extrapolate. The most popular and alleged theory quantifies that Diana was not inadvertently run off the road, but rather the entire death was covertly premeditated by the British government, particularly executed by the army. Despite the official report that states that Diana’s driver lost control upon escaping rampant paparazzi, many speculate that the true story was covered.…show more content…
Not long after, the world learned the dreadful legitimacy- Princess Diana had been killed in the crash, in consort with her new boyfriend, Dodi Al-Fayed. Officials released their approved report to the public on how the day progressed into the tragedy. Diana and Dodi, the heir to the department store Harrods, flew in from Southern France to Paris or the night. The novel and open couple sparked great commotion, causing the paparazzi to rave over duo photos. The drive from the Le Bourget Airport to the Ritz Hotel was already a high speed frenzy, causing the chauffeur, Philippe Dourneau, to escape the couple to Villa Windsor, a property owned by Dodi’s family. After spending a short while in seclusion, the couple continued on their journey to their hotel. Diana and Dodi prepared for dinner at a local restaurant, but sources informed them of the extreme deluge of photographers and spectators awaiting their arrival. Instead, they decided to dine at their

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