Pride In The Iliad

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The Iliad elucidates problems surrounding the Trojan War. It portrayed people, relationships, war, honor, and emotions. The poem began during the 10th year of the war. The Trojan War occurred after Paris took Helen away from her husband Menelaus; Menelaus and his brother Agamemnon, in frustration, made an army with Achilles who was the fastest runner and best fighter, and Odysseus – who was the cleverest of the Greeks – to lead a journey to get her back. The poem depicted many violent clashes that occurred between people: Agamemnon and Achilles, Hector and Patroclus, and Achilles and Hector. Agamemnon’s desire for a war prize and the rage of Achilles had a domino effect throughout the poem. From Agamemnon’s selfishness, there was a plague and a betrayal. Achilles’s rage resulted in the death of his best friend, and the death of a Trojan. Even though the poem is surrounded around the Trojan War, all the emotions that the characters displayed are a result of Agamemnon’s decision to take away Achilles’s prize of war. After battle, soldiers…show more content…
Agamemnon displayed pride in his need for a war prize, and cowardice in sending other people to do is job. Agamemnon doesn’t realize that his personal wishes come second because the needs of the community come first. He lacked what it means to be in control and to make proper decisions, which resulted in the conflict regarding Chryses. Agamemnon insisted on holding on to Chryseis despite Chryses’s demands. Agamemnon claimed that if he were to lose Chryseis it would not feel right. Agamemnon’s cowardice is shown when Agamemnon wanted to reconcile with Achilles. Instead of speaking with Achilles himself, Agamemnon sent over other people to speak with him and offer treasures, rather than going himself. Agamemnon thinks friendship or loyalty can be bought over with goods. Even in battle, Agamemnon didn’t fight; he preferred giving orders and commands than to put on

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