Chapter 9 Islam Summary

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Chapter 8 Key Terms 1. A city named Mecca was the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad. This place is also known as a ritual center of the Islam religion, as well as a caravan city. 2. The founder of the religion of Islam is known as Muhammad. Born in 570, many people during this time believed in the unseen spirits, so the public believed that he was possessed by an unseen. 3. A believer of the Islamic religion is called a Muslim. This word in Arabic also translated to one who “submits” to God. 4. Islam was the religion created by Muhammad. This religion believes that the single god Allah judges people on how they lived their lives in order to determine if they go to heaven or the underworld. 5. To escape persecution in Mecca, Muhammad and his…show more content…
Muhammad’s father-in-law Abu Bakr served him as a trusted mentor. He also became the first caliph of the caliphate after Muhammad’s death. 19. Abu Bakr was called the khalifa, which in English means “successor”. The English version of this word is caliph. 20. A'isha was one of Muhammad’s wives. Her name is often headed by the title “Mother of the Believers”, helping with the spread of Muhammad’s message. 21. The Arabian Nights, or One Thousand and One Nights, is a collection of folk tales and stories from various parts of Asia collected in Arabic during the Islamic Golden Age. 22. The Fatimid dynasty claimed to be Shi’ite Imams descended from Ali. They established themselves in Tunisia in 909, conquering Egypt in 969. 23. Anatolia became open to Turkish occupation after the Battle of Manzikert. The Seljuks faced the Byzantine army, ultimately dealing a fatal blow to the empire. 24. A mathematician and physicist named Ibn al-Haytham wrote more than 100 works, determined that the Milky Way was not inside Earth’s atmosphere, figured out how light travels, and why the sun and moon seem larger on the horizon. 25. A religious college called a madrasa was created mainly for the study of Islamic religion. These colleges gained sudden popularity outside Iran by immigrant

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