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Although, many people might say that Achilleus is a real hero even though he didn't always act like one, but Achilleus cannot be considered a hero after all the horrible things he did. In the poem The Iliad, written by Homer, Achilleus is considered a great warrior, he was strong, brave and loyal towards his friend but at the same time very angry and unsympathetic towards his rivals. I don't feel empathy for Achilleus because even though Honor and glory defines a hero, Achilleus only fought for his honor and if someone hurted his honor, he refused to fight. He always did what he wanted, although, it might be because he was a great warrior and needed a level of respect but there is a difference between wanting respect and hurting someone else’s…show more content…
If Achilleus was inhuman, he would have never killed Hector for killing Patroklos. But the way he kills Hector was unbearable and not feeling empathy for Achilleus even for giving back Hector's body after so much torture. It would have been acceptable, if Achilleus only killed Hector and gave the body back to Trojans. Hector fought for Trojans, he knew that it was his duty to fight in the war for his people but Achilleus fought in the war when he heard the news of his friend's death. He was so angry with the news that he killed every Trojan that came his way. Achilleus poor behavior is described like this in the poem " He spoke, and now thought of shameful treatment for glorious Hector. In both of his feet at the back he made holes by tendons in the space between ankle and heel, and drew thongs of ox-hide through them,..... his dark hair was falling about him, and all that head was once so handsome was tumbled in the dust" (Iliad, 22.395-403). This proves that he is not such a great warrior and only fought because his friend died. Achilleus didn't come to fight with Hector when Hector killed the other Achaeans, it proves that he was selfish for only coming to fight for his friend. Not only that, the way he tortured Hector was not a sign of bravery but his anger only, he only reacted with…show more content…
He believed that his people need him and they always need to remember that, thats why, When Agamemnon refused to give Briseis back, he went to his mother and whined about how she should ask Zeus to punish the Achaeans so they can realize that they need him to win the war. Feeling sympathy for Achillius will be injustice because even though, Hector was his enemy and he also killed Achaeans, he was loyal and killed them as a responsibility, he cared about his family and his people. Some people may argue that Achilleus changed by the end of the book because he returned Hector's body after Hector's father, Priam gave a long speech to Achilleus. “Achilleus like the gods, remember your father, one who is of years like mine, and on the door-sill of sorrowful old age…...I put my lips on the hands of the man who has killed my children.(Iliad, 24,486-506). After this long speech, Achilleus, gave Hector's body back to Priam so they can have proper funeral for him. But how does one act of kindness from Achilleus prove that he has his reasons to be angry, war is a place of fight and death, so how is his act justified, after so much torture and dragging the body around the city, how can one say that he was right all

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