Betrayed By An Angel Analysis

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The domination over women and their bodies in the United States not only represents one person’s control over that individual woman, but it is an embodiment of many systems that play a role in maintaining patriarchal power. Many people, as well as news media, isolate various cases of violence against women, and within those cases, the women are often held responsible for that violence. Identifying structures of systems such as sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny, focuses on the realities of violence against women that is systemic and not just isolated cases. Recognizing the existence of these systems and comparing them to various incidents of violence against women enables a deeper understanding of how patriarchy is exercised. Highlighting two separate cases of violence against women, the…show more content…
The silence and stigma around rape is so strong that even when women, who are victims of rape, often blame themselves. In the short story shared by Debra Anne Davis, “Betrayed By An Angel,” she reveals that before and during her rape, she didn’t want to be rude to her rapist, and it was in fact her fault for the rape because she made him angry. Hence placing the blame of her rape on herself, and that she didn’t act accordingly. Even in cases of sexual violence towards women in the military, military culture is a hub for hyper-masculinity that embodies power. That embodiment of power, the idea of strength and stoicism, breeds entitlement that leads to sexual assault. Messages that people in the military hear fed into hyper-masculine culture: machismo, anti homo, and aggression. Also a sense of strength in identity for men who want to maintain their masculinity is contributed to being in the military. In a recent case on a military base in the Philippines, a US Marine was making sexual advances towards a woman during a night out. As the night progressed, the Marine found out that this woman was a transwoman; he then assaulted her and strangled her in a

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