Jealousy And Corruption In Frankenstein

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INTRO: Monsters have always fascinated the human kind. There are countless number of literary works devoted to the fantasies of the supernatural. Why? Linda Gill explains in her article on how horror movies appeal the human race because they are, “like bad dreams themselves...project images that portray the monstrous impulses within each of us” (Gill). One of the most famous was written by at eighteen year of girl by the name of Mary Shelly. In her book “Frankenstein” there is a student of science that is experimenting with electricity and corpses. He finally learned the secret of life and was able to put together different parts of a body to make reanimate a body. During a lightning storm, the monster awoke and frightened Frankenstein. He then runs off and finds his friend who has come to school, then becomes very sick. When he becomes well again, he has heard that his little brother has been murdered and travels to the town where he was raised. Along the way the monster meets his and tells him he has killed the child. The…show more content…
Frankenstein is to blame because of his abandonment of the creature and not teaching it all that he needed to know the difference between righteousness and corruption. The monster is to be blamed because of his choices. He was able to know right from wrong by nature, he was not made to be a power of destruction. Frankenstein’s monster made conscious decision whether to kill or not. Also society is to blame, because of the discrimination he felt he was driven into madness. Society treated him as a monster, therefore, creating a monster. Society can create many monsters, as states in an article on the busy monster of society, “the painful and dangerous symptoms of the cancer-like growth of organizations,” (Brunn). All three subjects are to blame, they play in the role of the monster falling into a destructive

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