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The various techniques such as Setting, Characterizations and Conflict used in the adapted version of Frankenstein by Phillip Pullman exerts acts of revenge, rejection and power. Revenge is shown through The Monster, which shows how he desires to live a peaceful life, but is restricted due to his hideous looks. Rejection is exhibited through the characters, except The Monster, as he is an outcast and is considered a threat to them. Each individual person in the play posses a certain element of power to a certain degree. Frankenstein for example has a god like presence towards The Monster even though it is physically stronger than anyone with its physical power. Pullman’s choice of locations in Frankenstein have a significant impact on the theme(rejection)…show more content…
The act of rejection was evidently shown from the reactions of Victor, his friends and the villagers. For instance, when The Monster is talking to Frankenstein and explaining his feelings to him, he says “[The Monster] went down into the town and they called out their dogs… [The Monster] wanted to kneel down and pet them and play with them, but they tore at [The Monster] with their teeth…”, showing The Monster being ousted by the villagers. Felix (Agathe’s husband) also tried to kill…show more content…
Characters used in this play engaged in different roles during the various conflicts. The main theme used in the many conflicts was rejection, which was evident through everyone but The Monster, as he was rejected by everyone for his appearance. When Frankenstein creates The Monster and brings him to life, he looks at him and says “No! I didn't mean this! I didn't want this at all” being scared of it’s initial impression. When The Monster is at Agathe’s house, her husband “Felix runs in, see’s The Monster apparently attacking her and Agathe apparently struggling to be free, and without hesitation seizes the musket”. When The Monster runs away Felix explains to Agathe, “You didn't see him, Agathe- and you don't know what he’s done already! The villagers have been hunting him for

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