Assault On Guards In Corrections

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There are many issues in the correctional system and one of them is assault on guards. Have you ever been attacked by somebody out of nowhere? You may wonder how we should fix the problem or how much does this happen. This problem affects the way a correctional officer outlook of the job. This problem is caused because of some of the other problems in the correctional system. The correction system main goals are punishment and protection. William Penn adopted the Great Law that greatly deals with hard labor. In 1790 the penitentiary was to isolate the offenders so they could repent. The Pennsylvania System also known as Separate confinements were created by Quakers. They stayed in their cells working on crafts and reading the bible so they…show more content…
The mark system made it to where inmates could do volunteer labor, have good behavior, and programs to remove marks. Then they made the first reformatory called Elmira Reformatory. They believed the key to rehabilitation was diagnosis and treatment.They gave inmates their own work and treatment schedule. Assault on guards is an issue in the correctional system because of the safety of the work environment. The correctional officers are not armed with weapons so it is easy for inmates to attack the guards. They are always in close contact with them especially when they are searching them. There is also a bigger number of inmates than officers so they can be outnumbered. The inmates know that as long as they don’t kill someone they won’t be prosecuted which means their sentence will not increase a lot. This makes it to where they are scared of the jobs and are switched out of the job and replaced by someone else. Overcrowding in prison helps with the violence against guards. The guards are stressed which then can make them angry. That leads the officers to use coercive power against the inmates. That then can over time causes the inmate to become mad and attack the guard. You have to treat the inmates with respect and remember who you are dealing with. Though sometimes the inmates will try to push the guards buttons and try to provoke…show more content…
Examples of these items would be personal padlocks, broomsticks, razors, and toothbrushes. You could also change the materials of these items to make them safer. An example of this is to make the broom handles out of softer polymer. This make it to where the inmate can not sharpen or melt the material to use it as a weapon. I suggest they have more training on how to defend themselves without weapons so they can defend themselves in almost any situation. They should have weapons to defend themselves too. The inmates should be prosecuted for attacking the guard even if they did not kill them. They should also do more random searches for illegal contraband. This is because if they know when you are going to search they will try to go around the schedule. The officer should be implemented into counseling until they feel like they are able to come back to work. There has been a big increase in the attacks on guards in the past years. The ratio of inmates to guards are 4.4 to 1. The appropriate ratio is 3 to 1. Though they have had training it does not help them fully when they are attacked by the inmates. Violent victimization rates on correctional officers is 150 to 1000. The rates of victimization of staff increased 27 percent from 1995 to

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