Al Maghrecca Characteristics

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Al Maghreb, the Arabic name for Morocco, means "far west" or "where the sun sets". Morocco is an astonishing country located in North Africa, surrounding it to the east is Algeria, to the south is the Western Sahara Desert, and to the north is Spain, which you can actually see if you are in the outer edges of city of Tangier. The northern portion of the country edges the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the northeast. Much of Morocco's land is mountains with slopes that slowly transition into plateaus and valleys. The Atlas Mountains dominate the central part of the country, while the Rif Mountains make up the northern edge. Because of the country’s different geographic regions, its climate differs as well, for example, the Atlas Mountains have cool but sunny summers with an average temperature around 25°C, and very cold winters, although…show more content…
Morocco has native Berber populations and a strong Islamic base. It was also colonized by France, and remains largely bilingual, with both French and Arabic being spoken. European influence in Morocco is strong, but it is still a country of clear Arabic traditions. Morocco’s population is approximately 30 million, half are under the age of nineteen, and the Median age is 27. 99.1% of Moroccans are identified as Arab-Berber. The native tribes who occupied much of northwestern Africa were given the generic title Berber, meaning non-Arab, by the Arabs. After centuries of intermingling, most Moroccans today are an Arab-Berber mix, but still a few tribes in the countryside identify themselves as purely Berber. The remaining .09% of the population consist of Jews, white Europeans, and black Africans. Most Berbers were once pagan worshipers, the majority (99%) now are Muslims. The rest of the population practice either Christianity or

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